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message contains spam

I am the webmaster on two web sites with message forums. Occasionally members try to post and get a message 'message contains spam and cannot be sent'. It is a plain text message with no spam. I have searched the help for this text and nothing was found.
After a day or so the same person can post to the forum with no problem. This happened several months ago and then went away for a while, but is starting to happen again.


Re: message contains spam

There are no ads on your forum so you presumably have a paid account which gives you access to the support ticket system.

Forum spam is has been a problem for as long as I can remember and forum providers have a continual battle against it. Those who have watched the spam on these forums for a while will know that Bravenet were losing at the beginning of the year but have now got on top of the problem. One of the costs, unfortunately, is the risk of more "false positives".

To investigate any particular issue you need to tell Bravenet exactly what was posted and the persons posting history.

There are a number of possible triggers:
1. Very long posts (which may be tripped by this answer)
2. Keywords in the text
3. Links - too many or to suspect sites
4. Posting from an ISP also known to host spammers
5. Frequent posts (a spammer flood a forum with posts)

These may come into play individually or in combination but you will only know by having Bravenet review individual cases.

Re: message contains spam

Good tips, but I still think the anti-spam bot has developed a hair trigger. I am the author of a Forum, and somebody was trying to complain about a post he didnt like. Here is the text of what I attempted to post in reply, both from home and from work, and it has been repeatedly rejected as "Message contains spam". This is insane, when I can't post on my own Forum -- yet I hate to turn of spam protection altogether. But what's going on?

I TRIED to post (this is the whole text):

Sorry Frank, I thought I had updated my address in Bravenet, but apparently not. I'll try to get to it by end of today. I can't promise what will be done about minor trolling, because we use a very, very sparing approach to censorship (no matter what some people might claim), but feel free to let me know anything you think Steve and I should be aware of. I'm here every day and while I read most posts, it's possible somebody is way out of line and I missed it.


So, in what universe does that look like SPAM??

Re: message contains spam

Since the original posts on this thread Bravenet seem to have made their spam filtering a lot tighter.

Re: message contains spam

I am still experiencing false positive spam warnings trying to post on this help forum.

This morning I was blocked posting at a Panera restaurant, the largest provider of free WiFi in the U.S.

I am now at a Books-A-Million bookstore, a national chain, with free WiFi where I was blocked earlier from posting days ago, and then later it was unblocked.

Curiously, if you click Preview, it does show, but you just can't post it live.

My guess is that Bravenet is experimenting with a new system-wide filtering system and it has initial problems.

Going to click "Post Message" now. If you see this, it means my current location is not blocked.

Re: message contains spam

I haven't been able to work out all of the triggers. Message length seems to be significant but only when combined with some mystery factor.

Anybody with a paid account experiencing these problems should raise a support ticket. (And please post the results back here for the benefit of those of us only using free services)

Re: message contains spam

I have had the same problem when I tried to post a message on my own forum, after a visitors failed to do so, then emailed me asking me to try do so.
FYI, here is the text of the message treated as spam:
I managed to post it only after switching off the spam filter for a few minutes, then switching it back on after the post was made
Comic Relief is recruiting a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Closing date 25/01/15

Permanent contract – Based in London

Start date: March/April 2015

As one of the UK’s best loved brands and organiser of two of the country’s largest fundraising campaigns it is vital that Comic Relief continues to use resources efficiently in tackling poverty and promoting social justice. As International Grants Monitoring and Evaluation Manager you will help us achieve this by using your background in the voluntary sector and experience of monitoring and evaluating grant making to ensure our Grants Programme delivers effectively.

Join us and you will support our grants team and grantees deliver effective monitoring and evaluation data, and develop continuous improvement initiatives and training in this area. Working to the International Learning Manager you will ensure that learning is effectively captured, shared and utilised by a broad range of stakeholders, and to this end you will contribute to the review and on-going development of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) strategy.

With a background in international development, you will have strong experience of monitoring and evaluating development programmes and knowledge of the key issues affecting the voluntary sector. This role will require strong analytical skills and in depth knowledge of the MEL technical debates in the sector combined with the capacity to engage and support Comic Relief staff and grantees in the practical implementation of effective and proportionate Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems.

A strategic thinker you will be able to demonstrate strong project management, communication and analytical skills as well as the ability to build supportive and effective relationships with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders.

Please see the job description on the Comic Relief website - for further information and, if you are interested in this role, please apply online.

Please note that interviews are currently scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd February and second stage interview on Monday 9th February.

Comic Relief positively welcomes, and seeks to ensure we achieve, diversity in our workforce and that all job applicants and employees receive equal and fair treatment, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality. We encourage applications from disabled people and we will guarantee a first stage interview to all disabled applicants who sufficiently demonstrate in their application how they meet the essential criteria for the job as outlined on the person specification of the job description.
Registered charity 326568

Organisation Comic Relief

Country UK