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Still says 404 File Not Found

I've had lots of problems getting this issue fixed. And keep getting differant reasons.
My web page works online, lots of sub pages, as long as all the files are all in the main directory where the index.htm files is. There is a sub directory in that directory called Thanks. All files in there when clicked on says "404 File not found". The .htm and my .pdf files. I even made a new directory and put in an .htm file and same thing happens.
The last reason they said my subscrion was over due. So I subscribed for a few more years, but it is still not working. Why does the main directoy work, but not the sub directoies?
Can they be turn off to the public somehow? If so why do they not work for me using Bravenet's File Manager. I can't even move the files over because it says no file there. Yet I can see it and edit in? Any ideas? Thanks much.

Re: Still says 404 File Not Found

I am having the same problem. I created a downloads directory and placed a file in that directory for download, but when I test, I am getting the same 404 error. Has someone got an answer for this problem?

Re: Still says 404 File Not Found

You may or may not have the same problem. Spelling is the most obvious choice. What is the name of the subdirectory and file?

Re: Still says 404 File Not Found

Turns-out you were right. I had checked the spelling several times and tried different options. But the one thing I ultimately found-out was that I had started the name of my sub-directory name with a capital letter and all the options I had tried had it starting with a small letter. So, once I changed it to a capital letter in my testing, it worked fine. I just didn't think about it being case sensitive. Thanks for causing my to try again!