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Unable to log in to my accounts

I am having trouble logging in to my account to update it. I have two accounts and know the user name and password for both of them. When I try to log in I get a page that says "The system has failed to log you in. For additional assistance, please visit our Help Center".
The word "help center" is a link, but when I click on it, it just refreshes back to the failed log in page. When I click the help link at the bottom of the page, it also just takes me back to that same page. I found a reply in another thread from a Bravenet helper with a link to a help form, but when I click on it, you guessed it, it takes me to the failed log in page! So I am just going in circles.
Can anyone help with a working link to the help form or would anyone know why I can't log in when I am using the correct user names and passwords?

Update: I thought I would try and use the reset password option, so I did that and got the link to reset it. I made a new password and it told me I was successful and asked me to log in. I tried logging in with the user name and new password and it takes me back to the original 'system has failed to log you in' page. So still no closer to logging in.

Update 2: When I click on my counter to view my stats
I can't even click on the log in button. I click on it and nothing happens. The counter is still working and on my other site I have a password gate which is still working, I just want to change the password that visitors use to access it, but can't log in to either of them today.

Re: Unable to log in to my accounts

Raise a support ticket. There is a special link on the main help page to do this for login issues.

Re: Unable to log in to my accounts

When quirky things like this happen, links double back on you, etc., try either clearing your browser's history of cookies, refreshing the page, and/or closing your browser and reopening it and try to log in again.

We don't know what you were doing just before the problems started and it's possible you downloaded some bit of slow-loading or complex advertising code or maybe you were uploading or downloading a large file that didn't complete and it caused a temporary glitch in your browser. An unfinished process, like a check for updates, may have been going on in the background of your browser and it prevented you from doing other things until it finished or canceled.

It would help in the future with forum posts if the browser type and operating system and device were mentioned (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.).

I'm adding my input two days late, so I'm assuming you've solved your problem by now. I'm glad there are regular helpers here.

Re: Unable to log in to my accounts

Thanks Jim and Peter, I was finally able to fix this just now. I did open a support ticket as suggested and went through all sorts of fixes such as clearing cookies and enabling session cookies etc, but still had no luck. Bravenet then suggested I download a different browser, I was using IE10, so I downloaded Firefox and just like magic I was able to log in to my account with no problems, so I guess it was an IE10 problem all along.
Thanks again,

Re: Unable to log in to my accounts

I gave up on Internet Explorer last year and also only use Firefox now. It does perform better as you found out. It is developed by teams of international computer geniuses, so no one can possibly try to insert spying code in it without everyone else discovering it. Microsoft's browser code is kept secret, which is why alternative browsers were invented in the first place.