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Changing font size randomly

I have been using Bravehost for 5 years now. In the last month, I was experiencing problems with it, so I have switched to Firefox (instead of Internet Explorer).

When editing my pages, I sometimes copy blocks of text in the HTML editor and move them from my home page to one of the other ones. Somehow, the site is changing the size of the text or eliminating spaces in between paragraphs when doing this! Has anyone else encountered this?

It doesn't do it on all devices. When I look at the site on my screen, it looks fine. But, when I look at it on my iPhone, one of the paragraphs is about 1/2 the font size.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to have all of these bugs worked out before the football season begins. Everything worked fine for the last 4.5 years.

Re: Changing font size randomly

I should mention that I use Website Wizard.

Re: Changing font size randomly

I don't use website wizard. I use the regular text editor in file manager. Recently in the past couple of weeks Firefox upgraded to version 20.0. I've been doing a lot of copying and pasting and haven't experienced any problems as the kind you mention.

If you still have IE on your computer try testing it through that. Just one part of the page displaying a different size is not normal in the absense of obvious coding.

Sometimes there can be hidden formatting code in editors. You could try as a test copying the code to a text file .txt on your desktop, save it, then recopy it from that to your wizard and then see if the problems reoccur.

You are a long-time editor like me so you know that what you are experiencing is not normal. Bravenet makes tweaks sometimes in their system. If nobody else is reporting it (wizard users), then I guess a support ticket is in order. I'm currently experiencing jpg upload problems (separate post).