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expired site

I have to take responsibility for our site expiring although I did not receive the notification. Another member of the club, who's email was listed, did not pass on the contents of the email. Email address and billing address have now been updated and contract renewed. With all that said is there a way to reinstate our web site or has it been deleted ?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Al

Re: expired site

You may want to give more details, such as what expired? Hosting, domain, or was your site a free Bravehost site? That wasn't your URL you posted, so we cannot figure out the answer from that.

Re: expired site

As Corwings said you didn't quote a full URL so its a bit difficult to check.

There are several possibilities here:

1. You were using free hosting and had paid for a domain.
If you renewed the domain that would not bring hosting back as free Bravehost hosting is no longer available. You also need to upgrade to a paid hosting package.

2. You had paid hosting and a domain but only renewed the domain.
You need to renew hosting as well.

3. You renewed paid hosting but the site hasn't come back
Raise a support ticket

Remember that web hosting and domain registration are separate, free standing, contracts. You don't even need to do both with the same company.

4. You upgrade free hosting to paid and the site hasn't come bacl
Raise a support ticket

5. All the things that I didn't think of
More information required