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Using Visual Editor

I am trying to keep my web site W3C compliant. This means there has to be a DOCTYPE in the first line. It also means all Mega, br, img statements must be closed (/). I up load my files to my web site as W3C compliant, but when I use Bravenet Webpage Editor (edit with visual editor), the page is changed completely. All the W3C information is gone. The first line of the program is the 'html' and 'head' statement. All the mega, img, br, etc commands do not have the close (/) statement. It looks like Bravenet Webpage Editor simply loads it's own version of some web template and overwrites every thing I've put up.

I fully understand that some programmers do not want to be bothered with the W3C standard, but that is not my idea of programming. It would seem logical to me that if I'm using W3C compliant coding, Bravehost, with all their talent, could surely keep my pages intact.

I have authorized some people to modify my web site, but they do not know, or care to learn, HTML. They use the Visual Editor. When they do, it distroys my page.

QUESTION: How can I use the Bravenet Webpage Editor (edit with visual editor) and keep my W3C compliant data? Am I, and those people authorized to modify my website who do not know HTML, forced to use the "Text Editor" version of the Bravenet Webpage Editor?

Old Sarge