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FTP upload

How do I upload a Microsoft publisher website to the FTP?

Re: FTP upload

Publisher is designed for producing printed material not websites.
First you need to convert your .pub document, you do this by selecting the "create website from current publication" option in the MS Publisher file menu.

I strongly recommend creating a new folder and saving there as multiple files and subfolders will be created. You will need to upload them all.

Then simply start your usual FTP program and upload EVERYTHING.

Re: FTP upload

I have uploaded from publisher before...

I tried to do what you said and did not find the "convert to a website" option under the file menu.... Is there somewhere else it would be?


Re: FTP upload

Have you tried it this way
Start Microsoft Publisher and open the page you want to convert.


From the File menu, select Create Web Site from Current Publication.

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