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third party ftp password

I use filezilla for my ftp and I want to change the password.
There is no place that I can find in filezilla where I can change the password.
When I searched google, someone posted that I should contact the administrator of the host server.
I would like a confirmation of that statement before I open a help ticket.

Re: third party ftp password

If its your account then YOU are the administrator. Log in to your Bravenet account and go to the FTP Hosting tab to find the options for maintaining your FTP account.

Re: third party ftp password

Thanks Peter. On another note, how can I switch to the brave-net sftp?
My ftp was set up by my son back in 1990 and there are two more web sites listed with one hosted by another host server. Can all three be listed on the brave-net sftp and would an older web site be compatible with the sftp?