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Got this as an email.
"The Wrexham website is telling me not to go in because of What's this?


It gives a warning that this site is known to distribute Malware it is also happening on three other sites by Bravehost that are Bowls related

Any clues as I don't get a message and no other complaints


Kaspersky has no problems with your site.

Two possibilities:
1. The visitor's security software is complaining about the cookie downloaded by the hit counter.
2. A.N.Other site on Bravenet was a problem and the ISP or security software provider has blacklisted the IP address.

For 1. get the user to test a link direct to a page with no hit counter.

For 2. Bravenet will need to follow up. I would suggest eliminating possibility number 1 then raising a support ticket.


Thanks Peter will contact the two I know about.


I found that I had scroll bars which contained links to geocities URL (java script) They have been there for years.
I have removed these but Macafee still does not like it.
Raised a ticket will wait reply.

This morning my computer had removed macafee and Malware bytes so did a system restore and scans.