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new bravenew web templete design

i get then new warning to use bravenet web design.
I built a templete and did the publish submit.
I got no email to tell met how to manage an view the page.
The help is not good.. what next.
I can pay for hosting but no emil or contact shows to ge help.
my bravenet site as bds works amd the pages are still there.
so what do I do?

I don't get the new pages I created and don't see the file manager show my html content?


Re: new bravenew web templete design

Wrong message forum! Your site at has nothing to do with Bravenet or Bravehost any longer.

Ask at 0catch which are now running Bravepages.

Re: new bravenew web templete design

Hi Wayne,

I was able to find your bravenet account with a different website then the one you posted here. If you need help with bravepages than you need to contact 0catch as already mentioned.

But if you need help with a Bravehost site then we can help you. We have discontinued free hosting. You can not change your template or view your files until you upgrade your hosting. One you have paid you can continue to use Bravenet hosting as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience,