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4 websites on

Okay i read some of the other posts and it ALMOST seems my question is answered but not clear enough for here goes..
I have 4 websites on free hosting from but they are all subdomain of I want to save them all so does this mean i need to upgrade to premium (10 domain names) or would upgrade to starter account(1 domain name) save them all..I dont care to have a seperate domain name but i want the sites to be seperate websites. So do i have to register a domain name AND upgrade or just upgrade now that is being deleted? Also what exact time are these hosts being deleted would it be faster using my credit card or paypal I will be unhappy to pay and then they are still deleted because of time zone differences. Will ordering the packages suspend the delete action? I ask about domain registeration because i saw one reply to another question that the user will lose her sites because the are hosted by Bravehost even though she also already has bought a domain. If i buy a starter package will i have to manually recreate my sites under a new registered domain different than or is it automatic when i order the package?

Re: 4 websites on


It looks like you already upgraded. Are there any of these questions you still need answered?

Please let me know.

Re: 4 websites on

i still have the questions i upgraded to premium out of desperation and uncertainty. I'd like to know for future reference because I don't know that i can continue to afford premium package. If any of my questions can be answered here i think it will help me and any others who may be wondering the same questions.

Re: 4 websites on

Starter hosting allows for 1 domain name and 3 subdomains. Premium allows for 10 domains names and unlimited subdomains. Because you have 4 bravehost websites you need to use premium.

You do not need to have a domain name to upgrade but you must upgrade hosting (not your domain) to keep your site.

Hope that helps,