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Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

Hi there, I've been waiting for nearly two hours for someone to connect to me in Live Chat. Just in case I have to go off line before anyone can speak to me, I have a few questions.

1) How long do you store off line backups for?

2) Is it the entire account that is backed up or is each website (hosted domain) backed up individually? (I.E. If I had two websites and one of them was broke, would I need to restore both of them or just the one)

3) How do I get one of my websites restored to a previous time? Would Bravenet do it automatically for me or would they post a ZIP archive into my root so I can download it, extract it, delete all current files on the server and then re-upload the files form the backup?

4) Does this backup also cover the MySQL database, and as above is it possible to backup only the one database associated with the corrupted website?

Thanks in advance

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

Hi Daniel,

Per our earlier chat and another chat about 20 minutes ago in which I followed up with you, we are waiting on the DNS changes to take effect on your domain to see if that resolves the issue you're having.

We store backups for only a few days before they go into a large archive that saves content, but is time consuming to extract files from. As such, we have to charge for this service. We recommend members keep site backups personally to ensure consistent and instantly accessible backup files if needed.

We backup all data related to your site - so database information as well as site files are backed up.

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

Hi Steve, thank you for your reply.

I've traced the issue to either a problem with PHP or Joomla. I have checked the access log and can see that all the times of failures I have had errors in my access file which state "GET /fatal.php HTTP/1.1"

I have quickly uploaded another site in a sub folder using HTML and this site works properly, all files load and it's fast at loading. Sadly, the main site which runs on Joomla takes around 5 minutes to load each page.

Do I have to pay for the newer backups before they go into the archive?

I would love to keep backup files on my personal computer, however it takes quite a while to regularly back up 8000+ files via FTP. Is there a feature where you can archive all files on the site at once and download everything as a single ZIP file?

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

I see - thanks for investigating the issue and providing new information!

Are you not able to research the error and fix the issue rather than restore the files from a backup? I would think that would be the easiest way to resolve this.

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

In an attempt to fix the site, I tried to replace the MySQL database. Unfortunately, I exported the file as an SQL file instead of text. I therefore do not have the ability to import the SQL database as you require that I create a database and username in your Bravenet panel. Therefore when I try to import the database, I get a message saying the database already exists.

Is there a price to restore the website from the last few days from an unarchived backup. I was told when I previously contacted support that they are saved for 1 week before being archived.

In fact, if you upload the files in a ZIP format to the root directory as well as the MySQL database tables in text format I'll be able to restore it myself.

Sadly, I did not know about this charge you speak of, especially since it's advertised on your home page as "Daily offline backups" and also mentioned again in your "Comparison Chart" with no asterisk or anything saying that there is small print.

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

Please disregard the above post, I have now built the website using backed up files and a new database. I would like to know however if there is a way we can archive the site into a ZIP format for easier backup? Downloading 8000+ files through FTP takes an age, especially since you only allow 5 simultaneous FTP transfers. Most free web hosting providers offer this service, so it'd be a bit bizarre if a paid host doesn't

On another note, how can I access Bravenets discontinued "Free Links" service? They were all set to be moderated before being added but I can't access the service to moderate them.


Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

Glad to hear you resolved this. I will inquire about backup options for you.

The free links service is discontinued as you note, and therefore not accessible.

Re: Waiting for Live Chat for nearly 2 hours :(

An administrator has suggested that FTP is still the best way to go about this. In general, unless you're changing those files all the time, you just need to make a backup every once in a while, and if you just change a small subset of the files, you just need to back those up on a regular basis.