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Re: Can't access my username and password

Hi Mary-Maureen,

You can open a support ticket if you follow this link. Our support depart should be able to help you get your account back. They will need you require some of the information on your account.


Re: Can't access my username and password

Like the person before me in this post, I have tried to log on to my Bravenet account. It tells me that none of my email accounts are listed on the account. Funny I just received an email from Bravenet on the one that is supposed to be listed. I can't recover my password and I have a domain name that needs to be paid for pronto! I've already placed a ticket and would like to know how long this is going to take for a response. And like the previous person my gmail account and Paypal account had been hacked and now this has happened.

Re: Can't access my username and password

Hi Jennifer,

Our support department will reply to your ticket ASAP.