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Server Error Uploading Images

I get a server error a lot when trying to upload images. I had the error for a couple days last week then it worked fine. The last couple days I havent been able to upload images. I just tried a couple minutes ago and still no luck. Is something being fixed here? I know its not the images because one day it wont work and then on a lucky day the same image works.

Re: Server Error Uploading Images

Hi Charles,

What browser and operating system are you in? And are you able to walk me through the step by step process you are taking when you receive the error. This information makes it easier for me to try and duplicate the error and fix it.


Re: Server Error Uploading Images

I use firefox and exporer and have the same issue. I can't do screen shots here at work (cant upload here).

When I go to the upload files section and select a file from my PC it starts uploading. When the is uploading a green bar starts moving then turns red and then says file error.

This happend before and then went a away for a day or two and then started doing it again. I always did it the same way. There is a problem here.

upload screen

Thanks for help