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new domain name

I want to purchase a new domain and have that domain registered to my current hosting site. Can I have more than one domain pointing to the same website?

Re: new domain name

Yes. Possibly depending on rules applying to the TDL you want.

Re: new domain name

Thanks for the quick answer. My new domain name will be As I mentioned I all ready have several websites on Bravehost but they are accessed via another domain name. I want to create a new web site and have to point to that web site. Can this be done? How do I do it?

Re: new domain name

This is abolutely routine. The company that you register the domain with and the company that the site is hosted at (can be the same or different) will provide step by step instructions.
Its a long time since I looked at this in Bravenet and they have changed the interface in the mean time so I can't tell you which buttons to press any more but the information is all there in your account.