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Resizing box

I add a couple box's that goes to youtube. My issue is the video box is huge and the video only uses half of the box. I can't resize the box or add a 2nd video in the box. Any idea's? Thank you

Re: Resizing box

Charles, you had a few options for entering information. You decided to skip Website URL, and give us your email instead. You don't tell us what editor you are using. Like to try again?

Re: Resizing box

Thanks again for your time.

Sorry I thought everyone was using the Bravesites website builder like me. That's what I'm using - figured it would be easy. After I figure out my to issues everything will be great.

Im not sure the "Avatar URL"

My son wanted his own web page, and we are learning together on here :)

Re: Resizing box

Hi Charles,

When you add the youtube video to your page you have the option to select the video size, you can pick - small, medium, large or enter a custom size. Try using a smaller size and or entering in the size you would like.

Hope this helps,

Re: Resizing box

I just changed the theme that help me size the box. I use the small option with the all the utube videos. Under one theme the box (pasting into) was from left to right of the screen. The youtube video was fine.

If I select large size the box cuts off part of the youtube video.

I hope the new theme helps me out so far it has. Thank you for your time.