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moving from bravehost to bravesite

Is it easy to move my free bravehost site to bravesite for free? I have many pages on the site and many photos too. will I need to change the URL in the process? I get lots of visitors and really would not like to have to change the URL since it appears at the top of a google search..

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

No, and yes.

It will not be easy. Bravesites doesn't allow you to upload pages, so basically you will have to start. Cutting and pasting may save you a little time, but you will be building a new website.

Also, please note that at Bravesites you may find yourself "trapped". The online editor won't be available should you decide to go elsewhere.

Yes, you will need to change the URL. If you can afford it, you may want to go to paid hosting for a while until your visitors have alle been informed of the move. And a domain that is yours and can follow you to whatever host you may want to go to in the future is probably also a good idea.

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

Thanks for the reply..By "trapped" do you mean I can only edit my site from my internet provider and nowhere else? Also, I have 2 sites under my username. If I go and use the paid route for a while , like u suggest, will I have to pay double (twice per month) or just once per month for the both of them?

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

No, you can edit it from anywhere. But if you decide you want to change hosts, you are back in the same situation: You will need to build a site from scratch with another editor.

As for the payment question, I think...... No, better wait for someone who knows.

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

Hi Clayton,

If both websites are under the same account and both hosted on bravehost they will both upgrade with one payment.


Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

one last question for now: I have a bravehost/net photo gallery on one of my sites..will it remain if I upgrade?

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

Yes. Nothing will be removed except advertising.

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

I just paid and upgraded to the starter program. I checked to see if the ads were still there and they long does it take for ads to disappear? also how can I be certain come July 30, 2012 that my sites will not vanish? thanks

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

1) I don't see ads on your site. What you are seeing is probably files cached on your computer.

2) Just wait 29 days and see. However, you can never be absolutely certain that nobody at Bravehost spills a cup of coffee into "your" server, so make sure that you have backup. ("" ... OMG! You have copied a Geocities Pagebuilder page here?)

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

trying to move my bravehost site and set up a new bravesite address but now cannot get on to my old site to copy and paste anything.

any ideas or helpful point please

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

Easier than you would think.

Go to your site, and click View and Source (or whatever does the same in your browser.

While your site viewed in the browser is obscured by the huge white square saying "Attention Website Owner", the source code displayed will give you all your text.

I assume you still have all the images on your computer. However, if you should have lost some, find the code for the images, and copy the complete URL of the image in your browser.

Try for instance, this link.

At this point I would usually start discussing the wisdom of relying on online editors instead of having full control of your files on your own computer, but it's been a long day....

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite

Or, you could do it like this:
Go to your site. From the file menu, choose Save As, then Complete Webpage or "HTML file with images" or whatever your browser calls it.

When you have saved all your pages to your computer, open in a text editor, and remove the first two divs in the head section to make the page display normally.

Re: moving from bravehost to bravesite