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Text Editor code problems

I've been using the Website Wizard for 7 years. It's been a great site builder and learning tool, but I've outgrown it now as I want to make some changes to my site(s) that are not possible in the Wizard Visual or Code Editors. I thought I was 'advancing' by using the Text/Visual Editor instead, but that's brought more problems. First, I opened the Text Editor, added an image, and saved it before realizing the Editor had deleted the bottom half of the page code. Luckily I had saved the original code and was able to restore it. Then when I opened the Text Editor later, it had inserted strange characters into a link, making the link, which had previously worked fine, to not work. Now if I want to keep the site with the new image, I cannot go back to using the Wizard, yet I cannot have the code disappearing and changing. ...Also, it would be helpful if there was a 'preview' in the Text/Visual Editor!

Re: Text Editor code problems

CORRECTION - This is happening in the VISUAL Editor, not the Text Editor, sorry. Happened twice again. The visual editor deletes code. The Text editor is fine.