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Delay in updating

I am noticing a delay from publishing the website until the material actually appears on the site. Normally I post late at night (PST). Don't know if this is a factor or not. I have just noticed it happening within the past couple of weeks. Is this new, or is there a problem?

Re: Delay in updating

In order to save time and bandwidth, your browser will save files in Temporary Internet Files, so that you won't have to download everything everytime you go back to the same page. There are settings in your browser to control this, you can check by reloading the page. (Usually a button with a couple of green arrows chasing each other in a ring). Caching of files by your ISP is also a possibility, but less likely. If reloading and emptying your Temporary Internet files doesn't work, you can check by going to
instead of
(if that is what you usually type)

Same page, but your browser won't realize that, and treat it like a new page.

Re: Delay in updating

Thanks, Corwings!

I will try that tonight.