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Re: Links in Website Wizard

There were no mistakes because I used Copy and Paste. It worked perfectly fine from 2005 until the recent Bravenet update. Another Update Issue.

Re: Links in Website Wizard

Any thoughts about why 12 links took me 12 tries instead of the 36 it should take? And I notice that there has been no chorus of "me too, me too!", as one would expect if this was a general problem.

Re: Links in Website Wizard

Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away.

Re: Links in Website Wizard

Hi Don,

I am able to duplicate this problem using the layout wizard. It doesn't happen in the theme wizard (probably why others are not noticing it).

I have let our programmers know and hopefully we will have this resolved.


Re: Links in Website Wizard

Thank you so much.

One thing I did notice was that the pages I have problems with are usually older pages that have had a lot of changes made to them. When I first started using the Wizard in 2005, I knew nothing about code. I know a bit now, and when I look back at those older pages I can see that when changes & deletions are made, the Wizard will leave some bits of unnecessary code behind. So my older pages have quite a lot of junk code. Some I have cleaned up, but sometimes my effort throws everything out of whack so I'm better off just leaving it. There are too many pages & too much info to do over from scratch.

I have no problem with the Link box on newer pages that don't have a lot of messy code on them.