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Kings of TCCMB - replacement player

The Kings of TCCMB are saddened to announce that Ron Langveld will not be returning for season three of the ICCF Champions League. However, we do wish Ron much success in his quest for the World Championship in the upcoming Final.

As a result of this sad/happy announcement, the Kings of TCCMB are looking for a high rated player to join the team for the coming season and beyond.

The Kings finished 1st in Group A1 with a score of 25.5/40.0 and had the highest score in either A Group. Prior to Ron’s departure many felt the Kings were the favorite to win the upcoming season.

If you are a player that wants to be a member of a championship team and compete at some of the highest levels of correspondence chess please contact our team captain, Grayling Hill, at the following email address: Preference will be given to players with superior recent performance as well as high current ratings.

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