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Consider this

... In light of the recent topics about statistics regarding reflection time.

Try to categorize your cc ambitions along two (common) profiles :

a) You like to play the best chess in the limited time available in as many games as possible.

b) You like to play the best chess possible in any game and the time available should not lower the level of chess.

If you like to play for fun alone then a) is the obvious answer, but if you like good games and good results than a) is also a good profile. Pragmatism may trigger you to get quality chess in 80% of the games this way. The results can be good enough to still feel new challenges around the corner.

If you like to play for fun AND the fun part of maximum results then profile b) seems the only option available. If you can't stand losing then b) is also the only valid option. Every single game should be played as optimally as possible.

The 80% versus 100% question is interesting if you consider the reflection time for ICCF tournaments. What to adopt as a new rule when 90% of the games are finished with a surplus of reflection time left at the end ? Try to get the remaining 10% finished within the same timespan (tournament objective) ?

My personal hope is that ICCF will not be tempted to shorten the reflection time for the tournaments I like to compete in. Is it because I need all these days ? The answer of course is NO. I think 90% of my games are finished with lots of time left at the end, yet I believe that using more time in these games would have made any difference in terms results or the fun. In most cases there is just about enough information to make a decision. The crucial part for type b) players (like myself) is of course the small portion of games where decision making seems to a very time consuming process. Just 10% of the games can keep me awake for many nights. All to often I have the feeling that the "extra mile" will make all the difference for the final result, for that single game but probably also for the tournament.

Feel free to contribute your personal reflections about this "dilemma", I allready gave you mine :)

Ron Langeveld

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