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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pre-Summer Doldrums?

Hi Arild,

Canada beat both Sweden and Finland. Sweden made it to the medal round but left without a medal. I'm sure they will have a better team next year.

It's always nice to beat Sweden in a hockey championship and I had hoped we would meet Russia in the final game. Finland had a very nice performance from their players.

Our Olympic team seems to have one or two problem boards each Olympiad since we won the bronze in the 11th Olympiad. This time I had a health problem and I have let the team down as 1 year is too long to play poorly. I'm now left trying to save draws in bad positions. My sense of humor, such as it is, seems to have returned so I am finding easier to laugh off my bad games. Maybe next time my games will be better, if I'm invited back.

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