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The end of postal chess (for US players) !

Ruth Ann Fay has asked me to post the following on both TCCMB Boards as she could not master the new board format in her limited time.

Postal chessin international play appears to be a dead issue now for all US players. This has been cemented by the new postal rates which will become effective 14 May. There is no postcard rate any more. The first class 1 oz rate will apply to postcards. 90 cents to most of the world, 69 cents to Canada and Mexico.

I figure with a few repeats that's $500-750 for a tournament in postcards.

By the way, even though I did manage to figure out the new board and post there enough to try it out, my company now blocks the site as unsafe, so could someone post this over there? Thanks.


Lucky US players ! - by Per Söderberg - May 11, 2007 8:50am
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