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Re: Re: Just a little statistics

You introduce a new site and tell everyone to check it out or else not get a vote...and then when they do you claim that means they prefer it? Simpler answer...most people who did not design the site AND have jobs have only enough time for one site and are checking out the new one. Note that 2 of the top 3 posters at the new site - excluding you and John who are Admins - don't like the experience! Of the top 5 non-Admin posters (and those 5 plus the 2 Admins are 90%+ of the use it looks to me), 2 dislike, one likes, 2 no real opinion so far. Jury seems to be out I would say.

Hi Ken,

Don't be worried. Both versions will function during the two coming months.
Everyone has the freedom to visit and post on both places.

The little statistics I published don't tell too much but, when corrected for the two Admins (60 postings less on the new version and 18 less for the old one) the ratio becomes [newest values taken]: 193-60=133; 36-18=18; ratio=133/18=7.4 instead of 184/27=6.8.
Maybe your and Ken's reasoning was not so solid after all.

Next to that the number of members that haven't posted yet. Do you know many "members" of this board have become a password? I have a complete list of them: 115. How many of them have posted recently? That low % would also be a cause to be worried about, even more so than the % of new members who haven't posted yet.

And don't be worried about the poll either. It's more righteous to do the poll on both boards in order to prevent a bias toward one side. The only problem will be to prevent multiple votes from the same person, but I am sure we will have solved that problem at that time. It's absolutely not our goal to chase away any regular poster from TCCMB. We have a solid community and care for every member of it.

In the mean time: enjoy the message board(s) of your choice. Stir up discussions as much as you like, I would love it. You know that.
But don't become too personal when contradicted. Always try to discuss the matter and not the person. This applies for every poster, of course.
And the ultimate goal must be that the outcome of our discussions may contribute to better solutions within chess and, if possible, as good relationships as possible for the members who meet each other here or there.

Best wishes,

The good, the bad... - by Peter Coleman - May 4, 2007 9:51pm
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