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Re: Re: Re: re: vacation days (Wim's point)

Hi Ken,

The Champions League probably isn't a very good example to prove any point. It's private teams and often players new to the ICCF. The teams were put together for different purposes. Some captains built their teams to win, others for social reasons and some were sponsored (like the Chess Mail teams).

Nuutti showed us an example on the other site of a game which is a worst case scenario by a new player. Playing to mate is such a games is the mark of a true patser. The only thing worse that could happen in a game is that one of our opponents would make us play to mate in such a position. I hope that player never sees that game posted because he might not want to play ICCF chess again. Most who see the game will laugh at him and hope they never have to play him.

The only place I've ever seen players insist on being mated in such a position in a serious game is in over the board children's chess.

I can't help thinking part of the problem is the ICCF is not educating new players in what's expected of them. The ICCF is taking direct entries from players who may have never played with their national federation and then they don't give any instruction or tips.

If ICCF wants to take players who are not entered by the national federations then the ICCF should expect to tutor the players in what is expected.

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