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Re: re: vacation days (Wim's point)

Hi Ken,

Yes I missed that meaning of "pro-rating" and thought of chess ratings [language problem].
Your idea seems a very good one to mend that problem and also to solve the problems that arise from "per tournament year" as described by Per in his last new-version TCCMB posting. It could be a good format if 30 days per year were changed into 2.5 days per month with "carry-over". But this doens't work either. If the year is divided into 3 thirds 1=Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr, 2=May/Jun/Jul/Aug, 3=Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec and each part 10 days are available (with carry-over), then 30 days per year result.

But don't make a mistake: on the southern half (South Africa, Australia, etc.) the holidays are in their summer which is December and January, while on the northern half it's also in summer: July and August. So an even spread of holidays must result if ICCF wants worldwide applicable playing rules.

But still there remains a problem as depicted by Per and Gary: someone who really wants to take a holiday in December, when the tournament has started in November. He then only would have 10 days and also not enough accumulated reflection time to consume that instead.

Looking at all those cases, I think the best solution runs as follows:

7) Leave
During a calendar year each player may claim up no more than 30 days leave.
Each tournament will stipulate in advance how much total leave may be taken, in accordance with the planned duration of the tournament.
[This part can be brought over to the Guidelines: For a tournament duration of 2 years the maximum is 60 days, for 2.5 year duration 85 days, for a 3-year duration 90 days, and so on.]

Now how does this work for Gary's case when the tt started in November and he wants to take a leave in December and in July?
Simple: he takes 30 days in December and 30 days in July next year and he can take 15 days in the last year, if the tournament takes 2.5 year. If he wants to take more he must do that with accumulated time ("100 days").
If tts are shortened to 2 years only, then he has no days left in the last year because he has consumed too many days in the beginning. In that case he must consume his accumulated time.

How does it compare with Per's case? A tt started in May and a player wants to take a holiday in July: he takes 30 days. Next year he can take another 30 days whenever he likes. And if the tournament takes 2.5 year, he may take 15 days in the last year.
If tts are shortened to 2 years only, then he has no days left in the last year because he has consumed too many days in the beginning. In that case he must consume his accumulated time. These situations are the same. It means that one must be more careful to consume too many days in the beginning.

Must it be something like this?
Does that proposal make sense?

Best wishes,

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