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Re: Shame on you Mr Soderberg!

You whinne and complain about everything. In particular you can't stand the fact that there are players like me who enjoys postal CC. You take every opportunity to attack the postal CC. Do I attack server play? No, I don't. I respect the players who enjoys server CC. If they enjoy that, fine by me. And you acn't stand that someone don't share your views and then you burst out in any insults you just happen to pop up in your mind.
When we are talking about cheating, its time we mention the take back of moves that occurred several times under the email rules. That is much worse than any other cheating. Have you forgotten about that? Players edited their move and then made it look like a different move was played.
Or that ugly way of winning you practised on one of my friends?
You wish me to repeat it again? And you say SHAME!

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