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Re: Re: Why sometimes nothing gets done

Hi Ken,

... by moving on the server to 30/10 with 3-days-per-move dead time and the move not sent until the full 3 days are up no matter when the reply is posted.

I hope nobody takes that proposal seriously. As a tournament director I can tell you a time of 30/10 in electronic is the time when player get into the most problems.

As you know or must at least suspect, postal was never 30/10. It was 10 moves in however many days a tournament director would accept that it took a card to reach you.

Secondly, and even more important, postal allowed the time to elapse TWO times before the game was lost. I see no such thing in your proposal.

Postal is pretty much gone. Email has diminished since the 8:00 PM rule came into effect. If the ICCF executive find a way to kill off the server traffic then the ICCF will become irrelevant and players will go elsewhere.

30/10 for serious ICCF play is ridiculous and I suspect will be a great benefit to the organizations which compete with the ICCF for players. Certainly those who want to play serious CC won't pay the high ICCF entry fees for such events.

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