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Gary this post makes no sense at all. Staring with you need to make 40 and not 41 moves at time control, but I'll ignore that.

Providing a series of conditionals going past the time control helps your opponent only; if he accepts he automatically makes time control because he gets to record 0 days used for each move in your sequence.

By sending any conditionals at all you just saved him time due to weekends, missing that day's mail, not making the mail, etc. He would just accept your 39th and have 3 days for his 40th.

If you did not send conditionals but played out the sequence, with having to reply the next day for post and maybe miss a Sunday he would like have only 1 day to find the correct 40th. Anyone with 3 days to make 2 moves at postal is darn certain to have his 40th move planned out.

You seem to have an edge here only in that you hope your opponent is desperate to avoid an ETL and doesn't think, but he has it easier with the conditionals than without.

And I would LOVE to hear about a TD who caused a forfeit by applying a 5-day penalty under such circumstances...that wouldn't be a very good TD in my opinion, but opinions do vary I suppose.

Of course, his best move (unique to postal) is to claim that you sent him an empty envelope to avoid your unethical tactics...

Or ignore your conditionals and when you file a complaint simply state he lost it, oopsy well it happens don't it? Even less likely some TD will enable your bad behaviour when you desperately insist on a claim rather than playing over-the-board, but I suppose maybe you get somewhere.

Just playing and not playing around always seems easier to me, but who knows?

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