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I have listed the categories of the candidate sections and it speaks for itself. Mostly low category events which probably explains why so many strong players are available for the Olympics. They prefer to play on the higher category Olympic boards where there is better competition.

None of this is the players fault. We are now back to the problem with the car being the nut behind the wheel. In this case the vehicle is the championship and the players involved. The nut behind the wheel the system by which the championship is conducted.

To conduct the championship properly, it's necessary to pair the first round once a year. The sections have to be seeded so they are all approximately the same category. This will stop the practice of stronger category preliminary sections where players who would normally go forward eliminate each other while weak players in low category sections go forward.

In each round they must wait for the previous round to end before they seed the qualifers for the next round. Then you will see higher category finals. With chess going mostly electronic transmission now, a 2 or 2 1/2 year cycle is almost assured and that's not too long a period for each round. Postal is a different situation and those players will have to continue to wait for their opportunities in their mode of transmission.

In any case, I used that method of pairing in multi-stage Canadian Championships and it worked. The strongest players who entered made it to the final and strong players didn't eliminate each other in the preliminary rounds.

Now I have told you what is wrong with the championship cycle and how to make it better.

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