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Re: Snide comments and innuendo

Well, as you keep pestering me with your BIEL comments I feel that the insults must have a stop - the only reason is that I don't like to have a discussion with someone who has to put insults in every line. There is nothing to gain by such a discussion. And its silly, unnecessary and not creative. Can you try to get that through to your thick skull? Probably not, that would be too much to ask for.
I have every respect for the Brasilian, who's name is Torben Erik Carlsen by the way, who has scored an impressive result anyway you look upon it. He has won many games in a short period of time. Which points at some faults in the very same rating system which you yourself praised in a few postings back. You used it to prove that you are a much stronger chess player than Õim! I doubt that there are many people around here who accepts your conclusion.

I have to my astonishment seen that you suddenly start to send critics to the same system for which you considered 37 rating points to be very signifacant and also throw insults around to me because I dared to state that the rating system is not that accurate.

But I see no point to discuss with people who has to use insults in every posting. Sorry, but you are such a ****** The fact that Torben Erik Carlsen has 21 significant rating points more than you must have been too much for your ego to handle.
Bye Bye

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