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Actually the World Championship cycle is much more - there is an inbuilt inertia in the rating system. Or you can use an other concept to start a World Championship final. You simply invite the 15 players with the highest rating and if one decline then you replace him with number 16. That way you will get a high category and rating average. This means that our Brasilian friend who had 1635 a couple of years ago will get a place.
ICCF have a stairway to the World Championship as you will actually have to prove that you can advance from Open class, Higher class, Master class, preliminary, semifinal and candidates. With shortcuts available based on results titles and actually rating(!). You actually need to prove that you can at least win over your competiotn and finally it will give you the place in a World Championship. Which means also that lower rated players actually can get to the final because they did prove themselves in the stairway. Personally I find this stairway much more fair than just base it on ratings. And the one who wins has really done a remarkable achievement! And normally they will gain a lot of rating during process - unless of course they played with their absent mind in other parallell tournaments and lost the rating there focusing only on the World Championship.
As you seems to think that ratings are the only truth in the universe then that is your point. I disagree. Take a look at our Brasilian friend and praise him because he is a much better chess player than most of those who won the World Championship - even though he played in no events where more than IM norms are available.

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