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The world championships are not so strong. Some of them started off as very low category events. Even some of the Candidates tournaments were a low category.

That Olympic board is a different story. There are 5 GMs on that board. Three were awarded their title at the last congress so they are at the top of their game.

You bring up the Candidates tmts so lets look at the categories. On the server there are currently 7 WC Candidates.

WCCC25CT02(WS) Cat. 9
WCCC25CT05(WS) Cat. 10
WCCC26CT02(WS) Cat. 11
WCCC26CT03(WS) Cat. 12
WCCC26CT04(WS) Cat. 10
WCCC26CT05(WS) Cat. 10
WCCC27CT01(WS) Cat. 11

So we can see from this that only ONE of the 7 Candidates events is as strong as the Cat. 12 Olympiad board on which I am playing. Coincidently, the player who is leading in the Cat. 12 Candidates is also tied for first place on the Olympic board on which I play.

The World championship cycle is nothing special.

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