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Re: Refresh your memory!

Let's run through this slowly, so that maybe you will be able to follow it.

1. The current World Chapionships are generally too weak, due to inaction by ICCF Officials for many years. IMO, and that of others, no WCh Final should be as low as Cat13, or even 14.

2. This does not deny the rights of such players to play in these tournaments. It's not their fault. Even in the circumstances, to have made the final is a fine achievement. Just not as fine as it might have been. And the finals are not as fine as they might have been either.

3. For instance in XXI 3/4 we have two sections with Category 12, and three with Category 10.

4. It is clear that the players have an easier task in the latter three than the former two. Now if you don't think that situation is daft, tell us why.

5. Nowhere do I say that the players don't have a right to play. Through ICCF ineptitude they have earnt the right. We have actually been all through this before, concerning the rights of current qualifiers that have been abrogated by further ineptitudes.

6. There are some players that never should have earnt final places. But it is not a player's fault if a pair of withdrawals gift him a final spot. Nor is it his fault if the tournament is too weak or multiple ties are allowed to progress. The fact that his progress has been too easy is beyond his control.

7. I don't "look down" on players in this situation. This is just use of emotive rhetoric. I don't even envy them their good fortune. I just think that they have earnt the right to participate in a devalued championship.

8. ICCF should have juggled players, just like they do in SFs and 3/4s (normally), in order to maintain the strength of finals. If that meant delaying a final for a few weeks or months, then IMO it would have been a small price to pay. And if it meant that one or two players had to wait until the next final, then so be it too. It's better than having finals that are no stronger than most GM invitationals.

Why bother? - by Per Söderberg - Mar 9, 2007 9:10am
Learning basic stats from Grayling - by Ken Reinhart - Mar 8, 2007 1:38pm
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