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Re: Exactly how can you identify the DMD??

Hi Franklin,

When I refer to DMD we are talking about games that
are so lost/won that it is obvious. Not to the
borderline situations.

So, the question may be --How do you stop players
asking for adjudications which they claim are DMD
situations but are not? The answer is in the penalty
of rating points for asking for such an adjudication
when it is not clear. That, in itself, would virtually stop all such needless claims.

Regarding the fact that it is hard to find volunteers
for adjudications. My proposal would take off some
of the burden of adjudications as many "obvious"
adjudications could be done by say a 2400 rated
player. Such a player could easily do 100 in a month.

Remember, we are talking about "obvious" situations--
NOT the situation as in the saying "It is very
hard to win a "won" game.


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