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Re: Re: Re: Re: Champions League - cycle time

Hi Franklin,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply and for stating the case so very well.

I surmised that the large number of unfinished games is what caused the ICCF to prolong CL beyond its stated term. But, I'll wager that many/most of these games were decided long ago and, like my last two games, are instead merely a long delay of resignation. That said, a forced adjudication at 12/31/06 would have cleared up this mess. All real games could then be allowed a couple more months.

Franklin, I think that the ICCF is asking for such delays when they: 1) have a 10/60 time control plus 30-days/year leave, and 2) extend the stated tournament duration.

The latter problem also makes the ICCF look bad since they altered their stated tournament duration after the event, suggesting that their rules/format won't be followed - even by them!

My suggestion for a more successful CL - one that may actually attract new interested parties, is to cap the time-control at 10/40 and a maximum term of 2-years. Also, when forced wins are announced, then the game must be terminated immediately. Victories can be verified by copying the announcement to the TCs and the TD. Such a practice can curtail some painful delays of resignation.

One final poit - the game scores from CL will probably be displayed for all the world to examine, if thay aren't already. So, what kind of message are we giving to the world regarding CC, when games are being played out in ridiculous positions? Many chess players think CC players can't play without computer move generation. Seeing those game scores might reinforce that notion.

All the very best,

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