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Pita bread recipe

Hi eleonor,

It is mme again from Mexico... white cake amazing and easy!.. thanks...

I have a request. In your website you refer to Pita Bread recipe but there is not any Pita bread recipe. I would love you to provide me the recipe that you have tried to make sure that it shall be good since i trust you.

I will be waiting to hear news from you soon. I prepare a really good falafel but I need pita bread and in south of Mexico is imposible to get it so i have to bake it myself.

Congratulations for your website and kisses from the place of the Tequila and Mole!..


Re: Pita bread recipe

Hi Julie

sorry for the lost recipes. its due to the fact that I'm editing the whole website.......... only after finishing I will be able to put a new recipe index. By the way, flat bread is also known as pita bread, here it is on my website

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