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Comments on recipes

Just a few comments on the recipes...I love them!!!and continue to cook with this website as a base. Every once in a while I run across an herb or mixture of herbs that I have never heard of before and it often show up in someone's dictionary. But, be that as it may, I had a dish made of Israeli Couscous last week at a small neighborhood bistro! They were absolutely delicious and so much better tasting than ordinary couscous. Larger, all the same size relative to each other and just wonderful. My main dish was sauteed scallops in a tomato sauce surrounding a 1/2 cup of couscous that contained chopped carrots, celery, bit of spices that enhanced the entire meal. The tomato sauce has a name that escapes me right now...not much of it nor much spice.
Thank you Lior for all your wonderful work and I thoroughly enjoy the web site...Luanne

Re: Comments on recipes


The bigger couscous grain are usualy of Israeli origin.

will send you you some material to read, later

good morning from Israel