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Cheese Bread recipe questions

Shabbat shalom Lior.
A quick question... on your Cheese Bread recipe
What size pan should I use? Glass or metal?
In advance... todah rabah!
Kol tuv, Leah

Re: Cheese Bread recipe questions

Fantastic Shabat to you too.

Use a loaf pan.

U can use a metal one or a disposable one. I use lots of disposable ones. Dont need to clean later. LOL

I never tried a glass baking dish for this recipe. I use it in my 5 minutes chocolate cake and pies.

But I cant see why not. Use what you have in the house.


Re: Cheese Bread recipe questions

Thank you for your quick reply!
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!
Until next time... kol tuv, Leah