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a question from Batya

Batya wrote: "............Dear Lior,

My mom has two jar of halva spread (malit halva, brand is poliva) and one jar of poppy seed filling (malit pereg), that i bought her when i was in israel. she wants to use them but doenst know any recipes. do you have any suggestions for cakes or strudels that are nice? ............. "


poppy seeds agre great filling to any cake, either with yeast or not.
you can see recipes at:

The halva will have the same use. I usually hate spread halva. Its not like the real thing. Why not spread on bread or cracker??? oh my, the calories......

Also....look here


Re: a question from Batya

Thanks lior! i will let you know what she ends up making....i was thinking about trying to recreate a cake (maybe called a flugen??) that i had in israel, with one layer of apple, one layer of poppy, and one layer of date. it was heavy but a tiny slice was delish.

do you celebrate mimouna in israel?

Re: a question from Batya

Mostly maghreb families do. I myself dont think they know what they are celebrating. its not like old days.

I like moroccan food but not the ceremony arround it today.

As for the cake you had in mind I think it will be too sweet. dont you think? dates with any stuffing. the stuffing itself is very sweet as it is.

its good way to use it with rolled yeast cakes.