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Hi Guys

Wellcome to our forum.
Hoping you will feel at home here.
any question or answer can be answered by any of you,guys.

Enjoy it and use it.

Lova ya'

Elinoar (aka Lior) - your friend in Israel

Enjoying the site so much Elinoar and members!

Dear Friends,
What a wonderful site this is!
There is nothing to bore you for sure only adventures in cooking and learning new ways to use what we have or something new to try.
Whether you are a new cook or someone who has cooked for years there is something for everyone.
One feature I really enjoy is seeing how herbs and spices are used by all of us and how we share many recipes with a few changes.
The middle east offers so many wonderful spices I've never tasted or enjoyed the fragrance. Just found a international store in town and each week I visit and purchase a new one. So our taste buds get a treat and look forward to the next one. With the mix of people living in the USA with so many different ethnic backgrounds. I do not get to meet them only by accident in the grocery stores while standing in line to check out. So this site has been a real gift where I can find the best information to prepare new dishes. I've been married 47 years and look forward to each new day to prepare something special for my husband. What you put in your body affects you mentally and physically. It's great to find new tastes here at "Cuisine Middleast Forum.

Re: Hi Guys

Thanks, Geri.

Sometimes, you guys, are too much for my scorpio nature. You know we dont like compliments or to tell the truth we are embarrassed.

If you need any help toward any spice or herb, let me know. There are alawys similar subs.

take care