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Migrate Microsoft teams from one tenant to another

Migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another manually
Migrating Microsoft Teams data to another tenant manually involves multiple steps and a ton of heavy lifting on the part of IT.

Technically, there’s no easy, out-of-the-box way to migrate Microsoft Teams between Microsoft 365 tenants. But you can move some of the underlying components, such as the files stored on the associated team SharePoint site and group chat and channel conversation history stored in the team’s Exchange mailbox.

While there are a few different ways you can go about doing this, we’re going to walk you through one of the most straightforward methods that don’t involve any third-party tools.

To migrate your Microsoft Teams to another tenant manually, you need to:

- Re-create the teams you want to migrate to the destination
- Add all of the correct users and permissions to each team
- Download the contents of the associated SharePoint team sites and upload them at the destination
- Export conversations from the team’s using Exchange Mailbox Migration, then import them at the destination as a document

Step #1: Re-create the teams you want to migrate at the destination
Before you copy any team's content, you need to create teams in your new Teams environment so that content has a destination.

Essentially, this means re-creating the structure of your source Teams—including the channels and tabs within each team. Sound time-consuming? That’s because it is. But you’re only getting started.

Step #2: Add all of the correct users and permissions to each team
Once you have the scaffolding set up in your new Team's environment, you need to populate it properly. That means adding all of the correct users and permissions to each team.

Assuming you followed migration best practices, you should already have all your users added at the destination Azure Active Directory. So what you’re really doing in this step is inviting users to join the same teams they were members of in the old Teams environment.

To invite bulk users to a Microsoft Teams team, you need to:

- Extract users/permissions to a CSV file
- Modify the domains associated with each user
- Add users to the destination teams from the CSV file
- Modify permissions within each team

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