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Wisewood burial check?

I don't know if it's possible to check these entries. This is a married couple who died in the same year. Could there be an error in one of the grave numbers? There are no other burials recorded for either reference.

SWINDEN, Thomas (Retired, age 84).
Died at 2 Herries Road Fir Vale; Buried on February 3, 1954 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2291, Section G of Wisewood Cemetery, Sheffield.

SWINDEN, Hannah (Widow, age 80).
Died at 37 Ellenborough Road Malin Bridge; Buried on July 14, 1954 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2991, Section G of Wisewood Cemetery, Sheffield.


Re: Wisewood burial check? has the register.

Image 427 has Thomas Swinden. The grave number has an over-written correction on the 2nd digit. At first glance it looks like 2291.

Image 429 has Hannah Swinden 2991.

Logically, the correction is from 2291 to 2991, rather than the other way round.

Re: Wisewood burial check?

Morning Hugh & Terry,

Thank you for the heads up and I have changed the information on Thomas Swindens burial to read 2991.


Re: Wisewood burial check?

Thanks very much Terry and Elaine!