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Previous home owners

Is it possible please to find out who lived in our home prior to us living there?
We lived in 144 Industry Road Sheffield S9 from 1960 -1970 when the house was demolished due to slum clearance. In 1960 it was owned by my father Douglas Coe.
Thanks in advance

Re: Previous home owners

From the baptism records on this site I can see that a couple called Gilbert and Betty Stuart were living there in December 1954. Gilbert was a coal merchant so he should be listed in the local trade directories. If you look across to the directories section there are contact details for Richard. He has the directory for 1959 and he should be able to tell you if the Stuart’s were still there then, or if somebody else had taken the house over prior to you moving in.


Re: Previous home owners

From our Burial. Baptism and Burial registers over to the left using search term 144 Industry* :

HORSFIELD, Harriet (~, age 91).
Died at 144 Industry St; Buried on December 13, 1947 in ~ ground;
Grave Number 148, Section F of Walkley Cemetery Cemetery, Nichols Rd.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.
Plot Owner: ~ ~ of ~. Page No 99

PRIESTLEY, Robert Henry (of 144 Industry Rd, born 1951-03-19).
Baptised April 22, 1951, by Alan Ecclestone at Holy Trinity, Darnall.
Parents name(s) are Miriam & Henry (Plumber).
Note: ~
Godparents: ~ :Page No 418 :Reg No 3339
PHILLIPS, William (Bachelor, age 21, Electrician, residing at 144 Industry Rd).
Married Pauline Patricia BRAMHALL, on July 24, 1954, by Alan Ecclestone,Vicar (Banns) at
Holy Trinity, Darnall. Father's name is Benjamin Phillips,deceased (~).
Married in the presence of Charles Arthur Bramhall,George Arthur Roy.
Notes: ~.
Page No: 178 Reg No: 356
STUART, Elaine Elizabeth (of 144 Industry Rd, born 1954-12-03).
Baptised December 19, 1954, by Alan Ecclestone at Holy Trinity, Darnall.
Parents name(s) are Betty & Gilbert (Coal Merchant).
Note: ~
Godparents: ~ :Page No 495 :Reg No 3959


Re: Previous home owners

You just beat me Heather.

Re: Previous home owners

Wow! So much information everyone….and so quick! Thank you so much everyone x