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Burial records

I'm trying to find where my grandparents are buried in Sheffield in order to visit their graves and have their names, Harold James and Jane James nee Stokes, and where they lived, Darnel. I don't have the year of death and it would be about 30 to 35 years ago.

Can you help?

Many thanks
Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

Hi Jane, Could not find the burial yet. Found this on Familysearch. Harold James Birth: 11 March 1904 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: 22 October 1991 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. Jane Stokes Birth • 2 Sources
Birth 5 9 1907 Attercliffe, Yorkshire, England
Christening • 0 Sources
2 October 1907 Carbrook, Yorkshire, England/ Death 1991 Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Re: Burial records

Wow Barry that's amazing, thank you so much. I think that may be them as they lived in Attercliffe before moving to Darnall, they died in the same year as one anothet and when I was in my twenties, which would make the year of death 1991 right.

Sorry to ask further questions, was there a date of death for Jane James nee Stokes? and does the site give any details of where buried in Sheffield?

Thank you again, I've tried various websites and phone calls to the city council without success and your help is invaluable.

Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

Here are the GRO death refs for each of them

GRO Reference: DOR Q4/1991 in SHEFFIELD (0481I) Volume 3 Page 1939
GRO Reference: DOR Q3/1991 in SHEFFIELD (0481H) Volume 3 Page 1522


Re: Burial records

Hi Dave

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to look into my post, it's really appreciated.

Do you know how to use the GRO references to locate the graves? I've gone back to the council with the GRO references, checked on the internet and called the General Registery Office in Southport to no avail.

Many thanks
Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

You cannot use the GRO Refs to find the graves

Re: Burial records

It looks like Harold's parents are in Darnall Cemetery (from our Burial records over to the left)

JAMES, John William (Retired, age 80).
Died at 17 Nightingale Street; Buried on October 20, 1949 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2515, Section GG of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.

JAMES, Lydia Mary (Wife of William, age 69).
Died at 17 Nightingale Street; Buried on July 12, 1941 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2515, Section GG of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.

Jane's parents (Joseph and Lily Stokes) are in Tinsley Park cemetery.

Perhaps you should look in both those cemeteries

Re: Burial records

Many thanks Dave, very much appreciate your taking the time. All the best, Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

Hi Jane,

You seem to be floundering a little and look to be new to researching.

First things first.

The time period in which they died should and is where you need to start.

DaveT has given you the information from the GRO (General Registry Office). You need to check that site out for future reference.

The death year for Harold & Jane being as noted by Dave is 1991. That's pretty recent when you come to researching others.
Most of the material we hold is listed under burial records over to the left with the dates we have covered.

Darnall Cemetery which is in our Data base covers 1859-1995........ they are not showing in the Database.

City Road Cemetery operates all the City owned cemeteries. Have you spoken to Bereavement Services??

Do you know where they were living at time of death? Ages might help. Do you know what religion they were?

Have you checked out our Baptisms? and Marriages?

Some times you have to go back further to find the more recent info.

Hope this helps, word of caution don't always believe what is written on a Gravestone.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Burial records has an index of probates. Not what you seek, but is relevant background.
I have found that site a bit tedious for that era.
But has a similar record.
1992 probates
JAMES, Harold of 74 Main Rd Darnall Sheffield died 22 October 1991 Probate Leeds 22 January Not exceeding £125000 9281602172C

There are some family trees at Ancestry for this couple but none has the burial place.
has an index of City Road cremations.
Image 684
159019 James, Jane, age 83 years, July 5.
159868 James, Harold, age 87 years, Oct 28

You need to sign in to FamilySearch but it is free.

Re: Burial records

Many thanks for taking the time to consider the post Elaine. Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

Many thanks Terry, for giving your time to research this post it's much appreciated. It looks like they were cremated rather than buried. I'll take a look on family search too. Jane Abdulla

Re: Burial records

Hi Jane,

City Road Crematorium, Sheffield (Cremation INDEX) - Apr 4, 1905 to Dec 31, 1951 (*4)

As you can see our records of cremations only cover up to 1951.

Dont forget Bereavement Services at City Road.