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Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

My Grandad Reginald Charles Walter 1884/1974 was living in Chelsea I believe he married Mabel Edith Clara Smithers Chelsea 1903 and I believe they had a daughter Edith Mabel Walter 1903-1904. So must have left her for my Grandma

He moved to Sheffield with his 'wife' Henrietta Whatley and lived here the rest of his life. I could not find a marriage certificate with wife Henrietta and she had to have probrate saying she was a spinster when she died.

He told his reltions not to follow him and my Dad didnt know he had a Grandad until he was 19, who sold papers on Coles Corner and my Grandad pointed him out to my Dad. So he must have followed him when his wife died, he lived in the block of flats on Shalesmoor, but couldnt have spoken to him.

What a web our ancestors weaved.

Is there a cheap way to get certificates, if he did marry/have a child before, just for my own informaton, with out the price for full certificates.

Many thanks

Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

GRO Index now offers digital records for birth and death certicates prior to ABOUT 1922.
These records cost £2.50 each and are almost instantaneous.
There is no similar system for marriage certs. If you are lucky a marriage cert may be available as a parish marriage on Ancestry, FMP of LDS. All registry office marriage records are only available as original certificates, cost £11.50 each.
The marriage of Reginald to Mabel Smithers is on Free bmd, q3 1903 Chelsea. The birth of Edith Mabel is on GRO index q4 1903 St Marylebone, mmn Smithers. So Mabel was at an advanced stage of pregnancy at the marriage.

Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

In case you don’t have this, Ancestry has an image of the child’s burial record in 1904
Leatherhead Parish, Surrey
Edith Mabel Walter, abode 4 Chitty’s Alley, Bridge Street, Letherhead (sic), burial August 29, age 8 months.

Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

And here is the Death Reg from GRO
GRO Reference: 1904 S Quarter in EPSOM Volume 02A Page 26
Order this entry as a: Order Certificate of selected entry Order PDF of selected entry Order digital image of selected entry

Note it can be ordered as a Digital image which costs only £2.50


Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

Thank you all for your information where do I get GRO Indexes from, is it a special site or part of another site. I have never heard of it. Do I just put it in searches, its not coming up for me so doing something wrong.

Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

You need to sign up (no cost). You can then go to births or deaths and search according to the rather quaint search system. You will get used to it

Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

Hi Dave,

This system was amazing, I had never heard of it before. For £5.00 Birth/Death certificates, I have found my Grandad was her Father and married before he met my Grandma. Another brick in my ancestry wall found, thank you so much for your help

Happy Easter


Re: Cheap ways to find marriage/birth certicates

Hi Kathleen

There is also a Facebook Group called BMD Certificate Exchange. It can be a little confusing to navigate but it might be worth a look.