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Fred Ibbotson. Death

Trying to pin down a date for Fred Ibbotson's death.

Fred was born 25 November 1878 Sheffield (certificate) and married Mary Autey 1934 Sheffield. In 1939 Fred's occupational was a miner and was living with Mary in Wood View Renishaw Chesterfield. Mary died January 1953 at the same address (certificate) and Fred was a retired miner. On a 1954 Pollng record Fred was back with his siblings at Stanley Fold Oughtibridge. Trying to track him down or death after 1954. The only possible death with a correct age I can find is 1955 Huddersfield but not sure if correct. Any help appreciated.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

how sure are you that the Fred on the 1954 polling record is the Fred in question?

Have you ruled out the possibility of the Fred (two of them) that died in 1953.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

100% the 1954 Fred is correct becouse of the family with him. I purchased the Dec Q 1953 Fred becouse I thought it was possible, but it was not. Mary died January so feel the March Q 1953 Fred is also wrong?

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Hi David. There is a burial at Eckington Cemetery in 1953 for Mary.

The burial register lists the following information:

Polly Mary IBBOTSON aged 69 of 8 Wood View Renishaw buried 15 Jan 1953
Grave 4038 Unconsecrated.

There are only 2 IBBOTSONS buried in this cemetery. The other is a William aged 12 who died in 1930. Could this be a son? his adressis given as 12A Newbold Ct, Chesterfield.

They are not in the same grave.


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Have you ruleds out these 2?

Deaths Jun 1954 (>99%)
Ibbitson Fred 76 Bradford 2b 251

Deaths Jun 1959 (>99%)
IBBOTSON Frederick 80 Wortley 2d 647


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death (1959 maybe?)

The image of the 1934 marriage index has the surname of the other party for the Fred Ibbotson marriage registered at Ecclesall B as “Window or Autey”.

The one Ancestry family tree for this couple has Mary Autey born 1883 death unknown.

It has the death of Fred Ibbotson 1959, but no supporting information.
There are other family trees for the Autey:Window pairing, but hey all claim Mary died 1965! FreeBMD says this Mary Ibbotson was 81 (=born c1884). Maybe others are also having trouble matching Marys & Freds.

There are 3 Fred Ibbotson probates in 1959. Consider whether any have family members you recognise:
Manchester, to Gilbert & Harold Ibbotson.
Sheffield, to Alice Blaker, wife of Thomas Edward Pugh Blaker (there was a matching
Blaker:Ibbotson marriage in 1938).
Wakefield, to Mary Holland, wife of Abraham Holland.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death (1959 maybe?)

The Sheffield Fred Ibbotson of 1959 was age 73 (FreeBMD), so not a good match.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Hi Angela

That's a great find.....

Looking again at Mary's death certificate her home address was Wood View Renishaw but death address was 12a Newbold Chesterfield. was not aware of the "Polly"

Find a Grave have Polly Mary Ibbotson in Plot 685 Eckington Cemetery. There is also a Frederick 1959 in same plot. So that looks like Fred, but there is no further details attached. Don't think William aged 12 was there son.

Hi Terry

The 1959 Sheffield probate seem to be right because of the name Pugh on the benefactors, so seems he died in Sheffield but was buried with Mary, but will dig a bit more.


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Polly is traditionally a name frequently applied to Marys.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Hi David.

Ignore the grave number for Mary it is 685 unconsecrated.

There is a second burial ( don't know how I missed it)

9th April 1959 Frederick IBBOTSON aged 80 years, Retired, of 20 Stanley Ford Oughtibridge
2nd interment.


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

That's great Stanley Fold has to be him. Will order death cert. Looks like 12a Newbold Chesterfield was originally a Workhouse then the Public Institution and later Scarsdale hospital. Many thanks

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Google (or other engines) Eckington Cemetery Records.

There is a website with Eckington burials on. Mary was buried 7ft deep.

If you then click on the link in the right hand side you can actually view the burial book.


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Thanks John, found them.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

The 1959 Fred Ibbotson of Sheffield was of 11 Jeffcock Road High Green near Sheffield, died 10 January 1959 at the City General Hospital (Probate). I hope this clarifies rather than muddies the picture.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Thanks Terry, can rule that Fred out.

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Have found Fred as Fred Ibbetson 1878 on the 1921. Could anyone with access possibly confirm his address. Regards

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Sorry should have added location...Eckington Chesterfield Derbyshire

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Hi David,

186 Main Rd Renishaw, working as a coal miner for Staveley Coal and Iron.
Boarder with a widow called Sarah Ann Green and her family


Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death

Many thanks Heather

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death (1959 maybe?)

"The image of the 1934 marriage index has the surname of the other party for the Fred Ibbotson marriage registered at Ecclesall B as “Window or Autey”.

Marriage 1907
Autey Mary Ecclesall B. 9c 441
WINDOW Robert Thomas Ecclesall B. 9c 441

Yorkshire Evening Post July 27th 1933
Mary Window of Tillotson Road Sheffield sued for divorce from Robert Thomas Window on the grounds of his misconduct with Ella Ingleby at his home of Bertha Street Sheffield.
It was one of 79 cases that day, of which only one was contested. 39 of the cases were brought by women and 40 by men

Mary (nee Autey) was making use of the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1923.

She went on to marry Fred Ibbotson in Q3 1934 and Robert Thomas Window married the pregnant Ella Ingleby in Q4 1935

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death (1959 maybe?)

Hi Dave

I was aware of Mary's marriage/divorce to Robert Window, but had not got the newspaper article or date of divorce so many thanks for that. Regards

Re: Fred Ibbotson. Death (1959 maybe?)

Just to update I have recieved a photo of Fred & Mary's grave at Eckington Cemetery, really pleased about that.