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Transcribers needed

Morning everyone where ever you may be in this great wide World of ours.

As you know thanks to our fantastic project managers we continue to transcribe many of the churches in Sheffield.

We are coming to the close of our current listed projects and have three more lined up.

St George Brook Hill marriages 1825-1977.
Christ Church Fulwood marriages 1851-1976.
St John Ranmore baptisms & marriages 1879-1992.

We would love more help with the above. Skills needed..... typing and being able to read. LOL. We use an Excel Template that you fill in as per our instructions from material that we send you. Not complicated at all.

Soooo if you would like to help out even for a short period of time please let me know.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Transcribers needed

Hi Elaine,

I could help out again if you are still needing any help? I know its been a good few years now since I transcribed/checked for you.