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Greeting Cards

My mum used to work at Greeting Cards? somewhere at Nether Edge in the 50"s does anyone know where abouts it was please I dont have anymore information or if it was
just called "Greeting Cards"

Thank you

Re: Greeting Cards

Hi Chris

The only places I could dig up weren't in Nether Edge. The first one was a printing company called Saville Press who had premises called Greeting Card House, but that was on Wellington St. The other place was a shop called Greeting Card Corner which was at 281a London Rd.

Maybe Richard or Paul might be able to help you. They have 1950'S directories (click on the directories link on the LHS for their contact details.)


Re: Greeting Cards

Thankyou for your reply Heths it could be me that has got the place wrong I presumed it was Nether Edge first rule is you don’t presume anything I will have a look at your suggestion

Thank you Chris

Re: Greeting Cards

Hi Chris,
Over to your left under Records/Directories, there is a listing for MRS. ANNIE ELIZABETH SMITH (Stationer) at 68 Abbeydale Road in 1925. (a little before 1950 I know.)
Is it possible this store also sold greeting cards..??
Wikipedia will give you info about Abbeydale Road which they say passes by Nether Edge en route.

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Greeting Cards

Hi Wendy
Thank you for your reply I will look at the Abbeydale Rd shop .I was born at Nether Edge and went to Abbeydale Secondary School ,my mum always said she worked at greeting cards ,maybe that was her name for the stationary shop .

Many thanks